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Learning levels up. We want you to have the tools and resources you need to make the changes you want. We explore what haunts us in order to create systems that help us. This is your repository of tools, resources, and links to other fun stuff that help us level up.

change begins with a question.


We SEEK the content that keeps us learning and leveling up. So, we curated a collection of powerhouse talks, thoughts, and ideas here to help you overcome inertia, stay motivated, and make SENSE of the things that happen. Still, information only becomes knowledge when you understand it enough to SHARE it in a way that matters with others. Take it in, make sense of it, and share it.

Oh, and come back often. These talks update and rotate.

"This is Water"

David Foster Wallace

Excerpt from a famous commencement speech talking about how we often forget about the perspectives of others and the world around us because we are too focused on ourselves.

"The Art of Diplomacy"

The School of Life

One of the key characteristics of people who are good at handling conflict is being diplomatic. Learn more about how with this video.

"How to Have Good Conversations"

Celeste Headlee

One of the best talks on having better conversations. This talk gives you ten ways to get better at talking with people.

"The Art of Paying Attention"

Wendy MacNaughton

Amazing talk by Draw Together host Wendy MacNaughton, encouraging us to embrace the art of looking at the world with mindfulness and attention.

"The Power of Vulnerability"

Brene Brown

One of the most powerful talks ever on how to connect with others through vulnerability. Being vulnerable is the key to moving through conflict, even though it is highly uncomfortable.

"Why Trust is Important in Teams"

Simon Sinek

Building a team where people are authentic and genuinely want to be at work begins with establishing trust and safety.

get to work

"Whole" people development and functioning better together takes work but its worth it. You can start here or you can start somewhere else but whatever you do get started. 

The first step to change begins with a willingness to question. Get curious and get serious about change with this simple exercise.

To understand one another and how to work together better, we need to understand our personalities and how they interact. Take this free personality test to get started.

Is your work life feeling balanced? How satisfied are you? This exercise asks you to give yourself an honest look at your work and how you feel about it.

Aligning your behaviors and thoughts with your core values is the best way to feel fulfilled and satisfied. But what are your core values? Take this simple test to see. 


What we believe, we become


Be a goldfish.

Ted Lasso

Be curious, not judgmental.

Walt Whitman

Conflict exists strictly as an opportunity to raise our consciousness.

Carl Jung

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