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With over 13 years of teaching, coaching and training experience across the higher education, non-profit, and corporate fields, I launched Wholeworx Initiative as a learning institute with the mission of helping people function better together. At its core, we seek to cultivate curiosity, embrace conflict, and create connections through transformative learning experiences.


One of our greatest struggles is our ability, or lack thereof, to get along. I struggled with avoiding conflict and having a"faking til I make it" philosophy for years and I realized I was holding on to past grievances, ignoring my emotions, abandoning myself and being generally unpleasant where I worked, with what I was doing in life, in my relationships, and more importantly with myself.


COVID happened and I decided to go back to school to get a Master's Degree in Education for Mental Health Counseling. Three years of training as a therapist will teach you how to deal with all of your unresolved issues. Conflict is still a storm of possibility that I have utmost respect for but it is no longer something I avoid, in myself or with others. And there are skills for navigating conflict and connecting better with others that I learned through my training as a therapist that I felt had to be shared with others.These are skills everyone needs to know.


You can function better with your self and with others and feel more whole as you walk through life even at work, especially at work. It is not always pretty, most often uncomfortable, and always curious. 


I am committed to providing the highest quality of service to clients. I specialize in a range of training and coaching programs using a three-part framework covering four main areas:

  • How to navigate the discomfort of conflict, embrace its inevitability, and handle it constructively.

  • Leadership training and coaching for people who are new to leadership positions or who are looking to level up.

  • Emotional intelligence training and Communications Skill building: the foundation of team building is trust and emotional awareness.

  • Mental fitness programs designed for managing anxiety and stress, a trauma-informed approach to working through the uncomfortable emotions.

Tree Climbing Goats

Looking to take Your Team

To the Next Level?



We research, collect, and curate  evidenced based material and methods across multiple fields to craft our programs



We digest and condense all of this into crafted programs that make sense and connect with you.



We are real and practice what we teach communicating our story to connect to yours. 



Literally "inquisitiveness, a desire to learn and acquire knowledge."


To "hold in high regard"


To embrace the root - create - to literally "bring into being."


Being true to ourselves, genuine.


Support Group

We developed a set of guiding principles to help us align ourselves with our values, make intentional decisions, and stay connected with our clients.


Radical Empathy

We believe that knowing and understanding the people we serve and the complexity of their needs, allows us to grow and build meaningful relationships helping us feel our way into people’s deepest needs so that we can design spaces that catalyze learning, provoking change. Empathy is our action and belonging is the outcome.


Mental Agility

We believe that solving problems, developing processes, and overcoming challenges is an iterative process that demands agility and psychological flexibility. It requires reflecting, identifying, and generating ideas often in the moment to deliver the best possible experience for the customer in the present. It is a process that emphasizes brainstorming and experimenting. All ideas are welcome even though they may not all be implemented.


Cultural Humility

We honor culture and recognize that no one culture is superior or inferior to another and that everyone exercises and observes behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, rituals, and traditions that pertain to the culture with which they identify. As an organization that believes in radical inclusion, we respect and honor those differences while continually making efforts to bridge and adapt across cultures.  


Continuous Improvement

We believe that we can always work on next, the next best practice, the next training, the next learning space, the next workshop version and we are constantly improving on existing programs and workshops, thus leading to a more meaningful and relevant experience for all. We are committed to our craft while promoting a culture that is comfortable with taking risks, embracing conflict, and always accepting and incorporating feedback. We would rather be moving than stuck. 


Productive Disequilibrium

We strive to push ourselves into a place of productive disequilibrium, where we are finding the edge of comfort and growth zones so that we may always remain fluid in our processes and systems, challenging our own standards and expectations. We value self-improvement and commitment to learning new things while maintaining a healthy amount of pressure that promotes creativity and growth. 

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